2021/2022 - Current season

Mixed 1Coventry

  Team Captain: Steve Best

Players: Steve Best, Amy Gravett, Mark Lawrence, Louise Baynton, Louise Taylor, Neil Lawrence

Nominated: Steve Best, Mark Lawrence, Louise Taylor, Amy Gravett

League Table: Link

Mixed 2Coventry

  Team Captain: Nikki McAthur

Players: Nathan Sexton, Nikki McAthur, Jez Cooper, Katsuko Nagata (Kay), Alfred Cheng, Eileen Fan

Nominated: Nathan Sexton, Jez Cooper, Nikki McArthur, Eileen Fan

League Table: Link

Notes: Joyce Lo and Kay to play half matches as per availability and preference

Mens 1Coventry

  Team Captain: Nathan Sexton

Players: Steve Best, Leigh Skillett, Nathan Sexton, Jez Cooper, Brian Lee, Timothy Choi

Nominated: Steve Best, Leigh Skillet, Nathan Sexton

League Table: Link

Mens 2Coventry

  Team Captain: Neil Smith

Players: Neil Smith, Xia Qiansong (Frank), Attique Ahmed, Alfred Cheng, Johannes (Hans) Sumulong, Will Smith

Nominated: Neil Smith, Xia Qiansong (Frank), Johannes (Hans) Sumalong

League Table: Link

Mens 3Coventry

  Team Captain: Daniel Murley

Players: Daniel Murley, Roni Koshi, Chen Cheng, Simon Smith, Daniel Joel, Simon Nothard

Nominated: Daniel Murley, Simon Nothard, Daniel Joel

League Table: Link

Ladies 1Coventry

  Team Captain: Louise Taylor

Players: Louise Taylor, Louise Baynton, Amy Gravett, Nikki McAthur

Nominated: Louise Taylor, Louise Baynton

League Table: Link

Notes: Eileen Fan, Joyce Lo, Evie Griffiths, Kay Nagata to be squad players who can rotate in as per Captain's discretion and provide cover


  Team Captain: Steve Best

Players: Steve Best, Yiling Zhang, Louise Taylor, Neil Lawrence, Eileen Fan, Nathan Sexton, Nikki McAthur, Mark Lawrence

League Table: Link

Notes: Does not use home venue - played exclusively in Solihull at designated venues on a Sunday 6pm - 4 players picked from a squad