How much are match fees?

Regular members: £5 per match for mens/mixed, £5 per match for ladies
Student members: As above

How much are your annual subs?

Regular members: £190 per annum
Student members: £190 per annum

This covers your registration with BadmintonEngland, insurance, hall costs, feather shuttles for all regular club nights.   If you play in matches, fees apply on top of annual subs - see above.

Can I play in a team?

Hopefully!  We have many teams entered in many different leagues, so there is usually an option to play for a team if your standard is sufficient.  Playing regularly at club nights is the best advice for being picked for a team in the upcoming season.  Players always get noticed if they are performing well!

How are teams picked?

We have introduced a team selection committee to ensure fairness when picking teams for all disciplines/divisions in the upcoming season.   Usually 3 experienced club members are chosen to pick the players best suited for each team, considering established partnerships/pairings.  Once a team has been picked, those players should be the regular players unless injury or unavailability forces the use of a stand-in from within the club.

Can I choose my partner for matches?

Usually established partnerships/pairings are considered but there are no fixed rules about who plays with who.   The team selection committee are given the responsibility of picking players for each team based on ability, availability, pairings etc.   A team captain is selected (usually voted for within the team) but actual pairings is an open discussion but with team captain having final say.   Sometimes new pairings need to be tried out so be prepared to play with anyone, as sometimes we ask players to fill in for other teams anyway.

Can I bring a friend?

We ask that each individual completes the new member enquiry form on the how to join page. This is so we can manage visitor numbers and ensure sufficient court space. But generally speaking, we are keen for people to invite their friends  - they will be treated as a normal visitor (visitor fee of £10 applies to all sessions).   We're always looking for new members, so anyone you can encourage to come down is much appreciated.

How are club night games selected?

We use a pegboard with club members (and visitors) having their own peg.  On club nights, if your peg is first, you can pick any game from the next 8 pegs, on match nights it is the next 6.  Please use common sense in mixing up the games, picking sensible arrangements (i.e. Mens, Ladies or Mixed) where possible - if in doubt, ask for advice from another club member.   Pegs are added to the board on a first-arrival basis.