CBA Presentation Dinner Dance

  21st May 2016    By Steve Best

CBA Presentation Dinner Dance

Thanks for everyone who attended the CBA awards and dinner dance, a decent showing from the club, despite the lack of silverware this year!

Jo, Leigh & Steve (and Debbie who unfortunately was not there) were awarded the Chilvers Cup which was quite emotional and a great honour, especially being the first winners.  Tiffany struck gold with the raffle, getting first dibs on the best prize - a Calton badminton racket.   Leigh's wife Clare also did well to get the 2nd best prize of a really nice Yonex badminton bag for her daughter.

Everyone agreed that the venue was a huge improvement and a nice change - so well done and thanks to our very own Louise Taylor and Ernsford Grange's Rachel Jenkinson for putting on a great evening.

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