Coventry based badminton club

BCBC have 8 teams across Coventry, Solihull leagues as well as our regular club nights in Balsall Common on Wednesday and Fridays 7-10pm

Fun and friendly atmosphere

We're a very friendly club where club nights are a good laugh and there is a real team spirit when it comes to matches.

League and county standard players

We have a great mix of abilities ranging from lower league standard right up to county players and even an All England over 35s winner!

Come on down ladies!

We are always looking for new members, especially if you have played league or county before. It's lots of fun, you can meet new friends and enjoy the social side of the club too!

Off court antics too!

We like to enjoy the social side of badminton - club outings, dinners, BBQs, pub visits and sometimes even rounders games in the summer. Join up and get involved! Check out our upcoming events and gallery for more entertaining photos

Let's get competitive! #highfive

We have many teams to play in so you can enjoy the thrill and challenge of competitive badminton league matches. We have won many trophies and hope to win more, continuing a 40 year old tradition. Check out some of our achievements over the years.

Enjoy some air time!

Jump smash your way to glory and get fit at the same time. Badminton is a great sport for all-round fitness, hand-eye coordination and tactical thinking. What are you waiting for?!

Hone that technique with practice

Practice makes perfect as they come down to our club and start practicing! We have a qualified coach as well as many experienced players who can give you tips to improve your game.

The calm before the storm!

Everyone gets to play with everyone at our club, we use a pegboard to allow players to mix up the games on club nights so people get to play mixed, mens and ladies. We caught a few members not actually playing in this photo - tsk tsk! :)

Flick serve incoming!

Some of the best games of badminton are the fun/casual ones played at club nights where we play our teammates and test their skills! Bragging rights in the pub is at stake! Why not come down to our summer club for some fun games!

Balsall Common Badminton Club

We are a feathers-only badminton club based in Balsall Common who have multiple teams in the local Coventry, & Solihull leagues, playing mixed doubles, mens doubles and ladies doubles.   Our venue is Heart Of England School Sports Hall where we have 4 courts available.   Our club and match nights are Wednesdays & Fridays 7-10pm.

The club has been running over 50 years and we have about 25 members who range from lower league standard right up to county/national standard, which makes for some great competitive games in a fun friendly atmosphere.

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New members

We're generally open to have new members to join our club - and it's about making sure we're right for each other. As we are a competitive club, ideally you should have played league matches before or for your university team or similar. Even if you dont want to or aren't selected to play regular league matches, we feel it's important to maintain a competitive standard so that our club nights are challenging and fun for everyone.

However, if you do want to play matches, that's even better and you will be eligible for team selection - we look forward to you representing our club!

If you are looking for a new club, please read our how to join page, send us your details and arrange with our new members secretary to come down to one of our club nights where you can have a trial session.

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Fancy some games over summer?

Outside of the normal badminton season (mid-September to mid-April), we run a summer club to give players a chance to play together when there are no usual matches or club nights.  We welcome anyone to come - it doesn't matter if you play for another club - the more the merrier!  We just want to make use of our available courts, play with different people and avoid becoming too rusty!

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Silver Innovation

Silver Innovation

Silver Innovation are a local company based in Solihull & Warwick who design and develop websites & applications.  The Silver team (including Steve Best who plays at the club) have donated the website design & development as sponsorship to promote the club and the sport.  Their logo is also featured on the official BCBC t-shirts.

If you are looking for badminton club, league or county website or any website/application please get in touch with the guys at Silver.

Hitex Embedded Tools and Solutions


Hitex (UK) Ltd is a Coventry-based electronic engineering company who for many years has been a leading supplier of innovative and reliable tools for embedded engineers and industrial automation solutions for manufacturing engineers. They also support these products with numerous specialised training courses. In addition, Hitex supports customers on a consulting basis in all phases of their development projects, from concept to system realisation. They work closely with leading semiconductor and compiler manufacturers in order to support all the latest product and software releases, as well as industry standards.

Recent News

Season over - summer club at Finham Park 2 for May and June - £7.50 per session

25th April 2024 by By Steve Best

Season is now over! Summer club for May & June - we are temporarily down to one club night per week only on Fridays 7-10 @ Finham Park 2, Torrington Avenue - as our usual school sports hall is closed for exams - it's £7.50 per session for all, please pay into the BCBC bank account. Please try to come along to support the club and make the most of the more expensive courts, it's a nice venue!... Read More →

Christmas Party 2023

22nd September 2023 by By Steve Best

The BCBC Christmas meal this year is at The George In The Tree on Saturday 2nd December. Please confirm to Louise Lawrence (Taylor) ASAP to book your space(s)... Read More →

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One of the key things about joining a badminton club (or attending a match) is how close the venue is to where you live or work. That said, we have members who live some distance away but stay with our club because they love it so much!

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